Meraki Global Advisors is not a typical outsourced trading firm. We act as authorized traders on behalf of our clients and trade with counterparties in their name, meaning our clients are never limited in the products they can trade or the markets they can access.

Treatment of Equity Flow

Meraki never internalizes or crosses flow among our clients. SEC 606 reports show that typical outsourced trading firms route more than 50% of non-directed client flow to venues that may financially benefit them.

Transparent Commission

Meraki has a fully transparent commission structure. Our fee remains the same regardless of the counter-party we trade with and is added to the explicit commission rate our clients have negotiated with their brokers & counter-parties. We are never incentivized to engage in payment for order flow or favor one liquidity source over another.


Clients Remain Street Relevant

Because our clients pay the sell side directly, they remain relevant with their counter-parties. Our model ensures clients get the access to research, analysis, and corporate events they deserve.  A client's fund name is the focal point, Meraki is the conduit. 


Enhance Your Capabilities.

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