Meraki Global Advisors offers its clients an experienced and technologically sophisticated buy side desk. We offer solutions to aid every unique circumstance, whether it’s outsourcing the entire trading desk function, adding an additional trading resource to expand a fund’s reach into new products or regions, or filling in for traders during time away. 

Global Equities, Credit, Rates, FX, & Derivatives 

Unlike many outsourced trading firms, Meraki has access to, and the expertise to trade, every asset class around globe. A capability that allows our partners to trade a company’s entire capital structure, take advantage of dislocations, express views no matter the instrument.

Pure Buy Side Desk

We don't compete with sell side brokers. We act as the authorized traders of our partner’s funds which ensures they get the commission credits and access they deserve. Trades are settled directly between the fund and the sell side broker, eliminating unnecessary counterparty risk.

24 x 6 Dedicated Coverage

Clients are covered 24hrs a day, 6 days a week, by a dedicated senior trader and back-up. Client to trader ratio never exceeds 3:1, ensuring each client gets an in-sourced experience.

Full Integration with Investment Teams

Meraki employs only the most senior pedigreed professionals. Our traders can understand themes and situations in a portfolio and are able to provide insight and value to discerning PMs and investment teams.

Access to Crossing Networks

Because Meraki is a true buy side offering, we have access to pools of liquidity shut off to many other outsourced trading desks. More access means better execution prices and fill rates.

Advanced TCA

Obtaining best execution and reducing market impact begins before the trade is placed and ends after it is complete. At Meraki we use sophisticated TCA models and systematically update the trade process to achieve the best prices for our clients while not leaving a trace.

Cost saving

A global buy-side trading desk has been independently estimated to cost $2.73 million. With a proper outsourced trading desk, a fund manager can reduce fixed costs, improve execution, and leverage technology without upgrading internal infrastructures. 

Custom Solutions

Meraki can service hedge funds, asset managers, private equity, venture capital, and RIAs. No matter the strategy or trading frequency, we have a solution that will fit.

Enhance Your Capabilities.

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