Optimizing treasury functions through more efficient securities lending, cash management, portfolio financing, and FX hedging can reduce counterparty risk and deliver significant alpha to a fund's bottom line. At Meraki, we a partner with funds big and small to deliver the right solutions to their treasury management needs.

Securities Lending Optimization

Meraki can manage both the short and long side of your fund's security lending programs. Our team has decades of experience and insight to help you cost effectively manage through hard-to-borrow situations and ensure you are maximizing the return of your long book. 

Counterparty Risk Management

For asset managers with complex balance sheets, Meraki can provide insight and reporting to assist in managing balances across prime brokers and swap providers.

Cash Management

With today's low, and sometimes negative rates, cash management is more important than ever. We optimize balances in all currencies for yield and safety. 

Portfolio Financing

Optimizing financing across prime brokers and swap/derivative counterparties is one of the safest ways to drive return to a fund's bottom line. At Meraki we help our partners find efficient structures to fund their asset purchases.

Maximize Franchise Value

Prime brokers and custody banks view the funds they service holistically across all of their platform. Meraki can help manage your relationships so you get the value you deserve from your counterparties.  

Portfolio Level FX Hedging

We have expertise in managing FX hedging programs with both forwards and options. We can create the right portfolio overlay or share class level hedge to fit your firm's needs. 

Outsourced Trading